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Collecte : The Wicker Home

par Kate Pintra

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The wicker home with ARC fundation!

This project is very close to our hearts. Every year, cancer kills a lot of people in France and in the world. Currently we choose to support many causes in more areas such as disability, malnutrition, etc. ... but cancer is a cause that is even more important to us. We all know one or more people affected by cancer, and even if sometimes they succeed in curing it, unfortunately the outcome is often fatal.

Decoration at the heart of a more serene daily life

We know how much decorating can help people feel better in their homes. It may not cure the disease, but having a nice decoration is really comforting. That's why we've decided to create a special 'Cancer' collection, with all proceeds going to ARC, a charity fighting the disease.

The soothing colours and natural patterns are meant to remind patients that life goes on and that they are surrounded by beauty. We hope that this collection will not only raise funds for ARC, but also bring a little more comfort to patients with

The anecdote: Janine the wicker fighter!

Janine was always one of my favourite people. She had this amazing decoration in her house made entirely of wicker, and it really helped her through her cancer. I remember spending a lot of time with her during that time, and she would always tell me how much the wicker meant to her. It was such a beautiful thing to see, and it really inspired me in my own life. It was such a beautiful thing to see, and it really inspired me in my own life.

She loved to shop and whenever she found a rare gem of a wicker object, she made it part of her home, part of her décor. She had a knack for bargains and always knew where to go to find what she needed. However, there was one thing she had never managed to buy: a real wicker basket. No matter how hard she looked in all the shops, she could never find the right one. Either they were too expensive or they were not what she wanted. She had even tried to make one herself, but nothing worked: her homemade wicker baskets never gave her complete satisfaction.

One day, while shopping in an interior design shop, her attention was drawn to a beautiful woven wicker basket. It was perfect and just like the one she had always dreamed of! Without a second's hesitation, she bought it and went home with her new gem.

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La Fondation ARC a pour mission de lutter contre le cancer par la recherche. Forte d’une expertise nationale et internationale de très haut niveau, elle met en œuvre une action scientifique déterminée visant à accroître les connaissances sur tous les cancers, à favoriser l’innovation thérapeutique et à créer les conditions d’une recherche d’excellence.

Les ressources de la Fondation ARC proviennent exclusivement de la générosité de ses donateurs et testateurs. Vous bénéficiez d'une réduction d'impôt à hauteur de 66 % du montant de votre don, si vous êtes imposable sur le revenu, et de 75 % si vous êtes assujetti à l'IFI.